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ICS(Intensive Cyclic) 12V/2V, Cycling
Range summary

ICS series, name of Intensive Cycle Service, is 12V front terminal cyclic battery.  With innovative layout design and high quality manufacturing, ICS series provides high cycling and fast charge performance,  ICS series are well suited to  replace  traditional 19” and 23” V-RLA/AGM and VRLA/GEL monoblocs in all those applications where space is limited, unreliable power or Diesel hybrid operation is present. ICS series also have true front access terminal and front-access gas collection tubing for fast installation and facilitates maintenance.

Technical Features

• Premium AGM-Acid Valve-Regulated Lead Acid battery

• Patent battery structure with all cells horizontal
• 3-4 times better cyclic performance compared with traditional batteries
• True front terminal design suited for 19”/21” cabinet
• No additional space needed for cable access
• Connectors with integrated insulation cover
• Self-regulating pressure relief valve with flame arrester
• Flame retardant ABS case (UL94 V-0, optional)
• Centralized H2 gas vent kit
• Comply with IEC, IEEE, UL, EN, CE standards, etc.
• Design life at 25°C (77°F): 18 years (2V), 12+ years (12V)

Main Applications

• Telecommunication

• Energy storage system

• Diesel hybrid system

• Other cycling/standby applications

General Specifications
TypeNominal VoltageRated CapacityDimensions(mm)Weight (Kg)
LengthWidthHeightTotal Height