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Narada participate in the United Nations Lighting Project
Apr 28,2017


As winner of UN Carbon Value Award for outstanding enterprises, Narada was invited to participate in the United Nations poverty alleviation project.


Concerned about the basic electricity supply and security of people living in non-electric areas, Narada launched a solar photovoltaic + battery "village" lighting project, especially in the Latin America, Africa and other countries in remote areas. Narada have provided our own patented high-temperature battery — HTB-313K series, which can effectively resist the external hot environment of Latin America, Africa and other regions. The battery can still maintain a high cycle performance in the environment of up to 40℃ temperature, with 3 times long life of other batteries.



The lighting project, with the total energy storage capacity of 18MWh, has been covering a number of less developed countries and regions. Combining the use of the local abundant solar energy resources and Narada’s high temperature battery, the overall green power supply model benefits a number of poor village tribes, as well as contributes to a substantial increase in the lives of thousands of residents.

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+86 571 56975980/56975956

East Wing, No.822 Wen'er Xi Road,

Hangzhou 310030, China