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Stored energy solutions for a demanding world

Energy Hybrid Solutions


With increasing growth in the demand for electricity worldwide and the rapid development of renewable energy sources, the safety of the grid becomes more and more important. Blackout incidents will negatively impact any economy and threaten public safety. Energy storage is regarded as an essential solution to make any power grid more reliable and more flexible, which can be achieved through time shifting, load leveling, smoothing wind/solar output and regulating the frequency etc. Narada energy storage technology relies on patented long-cycle life OPzV/REX series batteries and excellent LiFePO4 lithium battery technology, advanced battery pack technology and intelligent battery management system technology which can offer a wide variety of solutions from large-scale energy storage system solution (ESS, up to MW) to home energy storage system solution (HESS, tens of kilowatts). Narada has completed many successful projects utilizing battery storage solutions from KW to MW in size at home and abroad which covers solar generation, islands generation and also house distributed use.

Narada ESS Integration Technology



Significance of EES

· Mitigate peak and valley difference to maintain quality power generation, improve efficiency of conventional grid.

· Reduce investment in backbone network expansion, saving substantial resources.

· Stabilize renewable energy integration, mitigate the unpredictability of wind and solar power generation, improve power supply quality.

· Enhance grid security, increase back-up power in case of failures in transmission or distribution network.

· Enhance black-start safety and decrease failure rates.

Patented Battery Technology

1.Lead Carbon battery


Combine the advantages of lead-acid batteries and super capacitors. It has three major advantages for different combination principle, such as high power, fast charge, and PSOC performance. For energy storage solution, PSOC performance is the most important point.

2.LiFePO4 lithium battery
· Long-cycle life (up to 2000 cycles)
· High specific energy
· High specific power,
· High energy conversion efficiency
· Easy installation
3.Intelligent battery management system(BMS)
· Precise voltage detection
· Precise current detection
· Precise temperature detection
· Precise SOC evaluation
· Battery protection
· Active balance
· Remote monitoring system interface
4.Unique Battery thermal management technology

According to aerodynamics and hydrodynamics theory, Narada has designed a unique thermal control system model for batteries. The model has been extensively tested, by carrying out lots of temperature analysis experiments, to make sure optimization and uniformity for each unit in the energy storage system is guaranteed.

Thermal management system design and analysis of speed tracer particle diagram

Narada ESS Cases

NARADA Energy Storage Project List:

No.Project NameCapacityDetail (location/function/battery type)
1Dongfushan Island micro-grid Demo Project

0.5MW/960KWhZhejiang China;

Renewable energy integration, wind & solar power smoothing;

Lead Acid.

2Zhangbei National Scenery Site ESS Pilot Project1MW/6MWhHebei China;

Peak shaving, load following, frequency regulation, wind & solar power smoothing;

Lead Carbon & Tubular Gel.

3Luxi island micro-grid Pilot Project (National 863 program)2MW/6MWhZhejiang China;

On-grid renewable energy, distributed power generation, balance new energy, wind & solar power smoothing;

Lead Carbon.

4Dafeng wind Power Sea Water Refreshment project1.5MW/1.8MWhJiangsu China;

Renewable energy integration, wind & solar power smoothing;

Lead Carbon.

5Wanshan Island Demo Micro-grid Project2.5MW/8.4MWhGuangdong China;

Off gird renewable energy, distributed power generation;

Lead Carbon.

6China General Nuclear Power Group Project1MW/6MWhGuangdong China;

Renewable energy integration, off gird;

Tubular Gel.

7Turpan State Renewable Demo City Pilot Project1MW/2MWhXinjiang China;

Peak shaving, smoothing, energy demand management;

Lead Carbon.

8Guangdong CEPRI National 863 Program1.5MW/1.5MWhGuangdong China;

Renewable energy integration, wind power smoothing, peak shaving;

Lead Carbon.

9NARADA 2MWh Demo Power Plant0.5MW/2MWh

Zhejiang China;

Power smoothing, peak shaving;

Lead Carbon & Lithium.

10China Southern Grid Wind-PV-DG Power Station0.5MW/2.1MWhGuangdong China;

Wind power smoothing, peak shaving;

Lead Carbon & Lithium.

11NICE Containerized EES System150KW/275KWhBeijing China;

Peak shaving, smoothing, energy demand management;

Lead Acid.

12Qinghua Sifan Contaier ESS Project100 KW/270KWhInner Mongolia China;

Peak shaving, power smoothing;

Lead Acid.

13Huadian Electric Institute project100KWHGuangdong China;

Renewable energy integration, peak shaving;

Tubular Gel.

14Hainan Electric Institute project60KWHHainan China;

Peak shaving, wind & solar power smoothing;

Lead Carbon.

Narada is a pioneer in ESS demonstration for residential and commercial applications and has accomplished a list of projects with a total installed capacity of 100MWh.


1- NARADA Linan Factory Micro-grid Project

14337663425746036A2C.jpg 1433766382744708p7A4.jpg 1433766383120721p831.jpg

2-The Luxi Island Micro-grid National 863 Project

14337673068661861F94.jpg 14337673157987124212.jpg 14337673262461846BF1.jpg

3- Zhangbei National Demonstration Project

143376738612063557F5.jpg 14337673976538248176.jpg 1433767407104885AAE7.jpg

4-Hanergy FIA Formula E Championship project


5-State Grid Dongfushan Island Project

143376745866643370B8.jpg 14337674661364108F6F.jpg 1433767476531442B632.jpg

6- Dafeng Smart Micro-gird Project

1433767547939082CDF7.jpg 1433767561364091p379.jpg 1433767573274112318B.jpg

7- Guangdong CEPRI National 863 Program

143376758711091467F7.jpg 14337676007164799C60.jpg 1433767617884174DD19.png

8- China General Nuclear Power Group Project

143376764765924651CC.jpg 14337676595692677FBF.png

9- Wanshan Island Demonstration Project

1433767679135933D1A7.jpg 14337678322120172534.jpg 14337678411445434AED.jpg